Wealth Ascension Review – Scam or Legit?

Wealth Ascension Review

Hey guys! Welcome to my Wealth Ascension Review.wealth ascension scam

Mathew Neer has claimed to put up some pretty big numbers with his new Wealth Ascension system that he has just recently launched.

Maybe you've seen the video of him scrolling through his seemingly endless amount of Paypal commissions on his Iphone?

Well it sure got my attention and I am sure many others are wondering if Wealth Ascension is a scam or legit opportunity.

In my Wealth Ascension Review I will be laying out all of the facts about this program so that you can make an informed decision.

Wealth Ascension Reviewwealth ascension

Website: http://www.wealthascension.com/vsl/

Name: Wealth Ascension 

Creator: Mathew Neer

Price: $24.95

What is Wealth Ascension?

As stated by the creator, Mathew Neer, Wealth Ascension is the name for the system that he used to create an automated income.

He claims that this is the fastest path to making your first commissions online.

By the looks of the payment proof that he provides, the product looks promising. Mathew Neer has supposedly been making a killing with this system for a long time and has finally decided to reveal it to the public… for a price.

wealth ascension systemWho doesn't want to make $1000+ a day?

What's His Secret?

Without fully revealing what the Wealth Ascension system is, he does explain what his underlying business model is.

wealth ascension legit

This part made me laugh a bit because technically with the arrow and funnel points/flowing downward, it would be a DESCENDING sales funnel.

But, ill give him the benefit of the doubt that he meant ascending in the way of money rising.

What's a Sales Funnel?

For those of you who aren't exactly sure what a sales funnel is, I will quickly explain.

A sales funnel is a series of steps that potential customers are taken through to build trust and leads to the sale of product(s).

So what this system does is send web traffic (through advertisements) to his sales funnel.

Mathew claims that once his system is setup it will automatically run for months while he travels the world and enjoys his free time.

But, What EXACTLY is the Wealth Ascension System Involve?

On the sales page he doesn't tell you exactly what the system involves, except that he will give you the tools and knowledge to become a successful internet marketer. 

Although he does tell you what the sales page DOESN'T INVOLVE.

is wealth ascension a scam

I don't have time to sit around and play 21 questions trying to figure out what the sales funnel involves.

Mathew mentions that once you become a member, you will access to the system, and tools needed to get your sales funnel up and running.

So I decided to take one for the team and become a member so that I can create a more comprehensive Wealth Ascension Review.

is wealth ascension legit

How the Wealth Ascension System Works

Okay so once I got inside the membership site I got a much better understanding of what the system actually involves.

There are many instructional videos that outline the process.

The Wealth Ascension System involves selling the actual Wealth Ascension product.

You will be doing this by:is wealth ascension scam

  • Sending traffic to your "squeeze page" that will collect people's email addresses.
  • You will then set up a series of emails that will eventually lead them to your own personal sales page
  • If they decide to purchase Wealth Ascension from your sales page, you will receive a commission.

Not really a long-term solution to making money online, but hey, it could work for a bit.

Is Wealth Ascension a Scam?

No, I cannot say that Wealth Ascension falls under the category of scam.

The membership site does have valuable information, but I haven't actually implemented the system because I simply don't have enough time and I don't really feel comfortable promoting a product that I know wont last.

That being said, if anyone has tried this product or system or formula or funnel or whatever you want to call it, I would love to hear about your experience. So please comment below!

My Recommendation (An Alternative Solution)

Creating sales funnels is part of a bigger process called Affiliate Marketing. As an Affiliate Marketer you make commission by recommending products.

I know what you're thinking: "Isn't that what you do for Wealth Ascension?"

No, because if you have your own affiliate marketing website you can recommend different products that you are interested in or passionate about.

No matter what kind of products you are promoting, there will always be more that will be created, unlike Wealth Ascension which will eventually run it's course.

If you are interested in a program that taught me step-by-step how to create my own affiliate marketing website, check out my #1 Recommendation. (It has a free trial too so you don't have to pay a cent and you can see how you like it first).

Thanks for reading my Wealth Ascension Review!

Like I said, if you have any experiences with this product, please leave them below :)


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