Ways to Spot an Online Scam

Since the dawn of the internet there have been con artists searching to rip people off by making false promises. I am one of many, who has been a victim to some of these elaborate ploys.

So, I decided to do some research on how I could avoid internet marketing scams. Some of these may seem obvious but I just want to make sure all bases are covered.

Impractical Claims

This one may be the most obvious but also the most enticing. I now believe in the saying: "Try it before you buy it". Always check to see if there is a free trial available. Slimy scam artists aren't going to make you try their scam before they rob you, they are going to make you a deal so good that you can't refuse. I prefer sites like Wealthy Affiliate that offer you a free trial, especially since you do not need your credit card. This way you can actually experience the product and access whether it suits your needs or not.

Look out for statements like this:

  • Make $200.00 a day instantly
  • Easy online money and no website needed
  • Make $100,000 in 90 days

I know it seems obvious but sometimes they really do know how to sugarcoat it.

Only Video


I'm sure you have come across this before. If you open the sales page and it turns out to be a video you are pretty well forced to watch, it's a scam. The amount of pop-ups that you receive when you close the window will be like a barrage of bees; asking you if you are sure you want to leave their site.

Insane Up-Sells

This is a huge red flag when it comes to spotting an online scam. Making a minor purchase on a website and then being followed up by more expensive promotions is an easy way for scammers to turn a $5.00 purchase into a $100.00+ purchase. If you come across this, stop right away and ask for a refund! Often these sites offer a money back guarantee to pull you in.

Zero Contact Info

Before purchasing a product, you must do some research on the company. If there is no way of contacting them, chances are it is a scam. You will often witness this on an abundance of work from home scams.

Zero Support

If it turns out there actually is a company email that you can contact them at, try it out. You will want to see a fast response, faster means better. Give it 24 hours and if they haven't responded to you, it is best to avoid it. Online businesses usually do not go away for holidays or take the weekends off. So chances are it's actually not a business.


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Have any questions about scams or need help identifying a scam? Comment below :)