Six Figure Influx Review – Scam or Worth It?

six figure influx review

Hey there and welcome to my Six Figure Influx Review!

So obviously you have heard about Six Figure Influx and you want to know whether Six Figure influx is a scam or a legitimate program that is worthwhile.

In my Six Figure Influx Review I will be breaking down the facts about this product so that you can make an informed decision.

Without further adieu, let's rock!

Six Figure Influx Reviewsix figure influx


Name: Six Figure Influx

Creator: Glynn Kosky

Price: $8.22

What is Six Figure Influx?

Six Figure Influx is a product that was just launched and released on Warriorplus by a young man named Glynn Kosky.

SFI is an instructional course that teaches you how to earn money online through a process called Affiliate Marketing.

With this product you are taught how to make money online by following 3 steps:

  • Sign up for high paying affiliate offer.
  • Set up the 100% free traffic source.
  • Collect your commissions.

Now, he doesn't actually reveal the free traffic source until you actually purchase the product.

six figure influx scamWell, I like surprises so I decided to take one for the team and purhase the course so that I can create a thorough Six Figure Influx Review.

What Exactly is the "Free Traffic Source"?

It turns out that the free traffic source is YouTube. Dun Dun DUUNNis six figure influx a scam

Kindof a let down eh?

That being said, YouTube is actually a great traffic source and can be used to earn money by video marketing.

The Six Figure Influx Coursesixfigureinflux

The course involves 18 instructional videos that can be as long as 20 minutes.

Essentially, Glynn teaches you step-by-step how to properly rank videos on YouTube to earn money from high paying affiliate programs.

The videos cover everything from finding and chosing affiliate offers to promote to effectively uploading and ranking your videos onto YouTube.

Glynn also incorporates a lesson on email marketing at the end of the video series about how you can create sustainable long-term income streams simply by collecting your viewers email addresses.

What I Liked About Six Figure Influx

There are definitely a few things that I liked about this product that makes it stand out from many that I have reviewed.

Beginner Friendly

The step-by-step format of this course makes it very easy to follow along and understand exactly what the process is.

1-on-1 Training

As a bonus of purchasing Six Figure Influx you are able to attend a private members Q&A session with Glynn and other members to go over any questions that you have about the course.

What I Didn't Like About Six Figure Influx

There are some things that just turned me off about buying the product. He says that he wants to help people, but he pulled some shady moves on the sales page and didn't put enough emphasis on some important things out in the training.

Sleazy Sales Tactics

On the Six Figure Influx sales page he constantly tells you to buy the product before the timer runs out and that there's only so many copies available..

six figure influx legitYou will see this pasted throughout the page. You can still buy the product at the same price ($8.22) even if the timer runs out and there is more than 1 copy left…it's a digital information product not a limited edition pokemon card.


When it comes to ranking in free traffic sources like YouTube and Google, keywords play a major role in your ability to rank.

And your ranking is a strong determinant of your success when using free traffic sources. I feel like he should have spent a little more time on this subject because it is such an important component of Affiliate Marketing.

Concluding my Six Figure Influx Review

This course will give you a very basic understanding on how to leverage YouTube videos to is usertesting legitbecome profitable in Affiliate Marketing is definitely worth $8.22.


If you already have a general understanding of video marketing, I wouldn't recommend purchasing this course.

My Recommendation

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to earn money online. The potential amount of money you can make is endless. You just need the proper training, good work ethic and support from others who are successful.

If you are interested in becoming a succesful Affiliate Marketer I strongly suggest that you check out my #1 Recommended Program that has all the necessary qualities to make it happen.

Thanks for reading my Six Figure Influx Review!

Comment below if you have any questions or concerns.


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