Revolution Revshare Review – Scam or Legit?

revolution revshare review

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Revolution Revshare Review
revolution revshare

Name: Revolution Revshare

Price: Free to Join

Type: Revenue Share Program

What is Revolution Revshare?

“Revolution revshare” is a revenue share program which was launched on August 3, 2016. Revenue share programs are actually the methods of earning online through buying advertisement packages. Revolution revshare is one of the many revenue sharing programs out there and it offers the consumers to earn sitting in their homes, but can be risky.

According to owner if Revolution Revshare:

It is the only rev-share program that puts 100% of its earnings back into the business which makes the program very unique”. According to him within a short interval of few days the website has reached 500 members, which indicates the success of idea.

How Much Does Revolution Revshare Cost?

Revolution revshare is totally free of cost to join. Once you join the program, there are two options for earning money where both the options are distinct from one another. The first option is also sometimes referred to as ‘referral program’ where you are paid for referring people to join the program. The other way demands for money and that particular name ‘money’ appearing in the text makes revenue risky if spent. You have the options of utilizing Revolution Revshare for free and earn relatively less or pay some dollars and earn relatively more. This is the reason that it is free as well as paid; however joining the program is totally free of cost.

How to Make Money on Revolution Revshare?

The program offers two ways for earning money where one of them is totally free while the other demands you to invest money buying ad-packs – the term ‘ad-pack’ would be elaborated to the readers in upcoming paragraphs. The two ways are described in detail below where the admin calls these ways as ‘solid ways to earn’.


Like most of the revenue sharing programs, there is a commission based program which allows you to earn by referring the site to others and with each sign up you get some commission. There are four levels of commission to be precise. In the first level you get 10% commission, in the second level the commission drops to 5%, third level yields a commission of 3% and the fourth level gives you 1% commission.

The concept of levels is a bit complex. It involves progressive method where you get promoted from fourth level to third and so on until you reach the first level. For instance, in order to attain level 3 from level 4 you need to complete the requirement of buying 100 ad-packs each worth 1$ and then upgrade your membership to attain level 3. In this way your progress continues until you reach the best package – that is level 1 which offers 10% commission.


There are 6 packages and members may also note that there is a repurchase rule, however, unlike many other rev-shares the program itself has a stepping down as a member steps up – which you would realize by reading further.

For example, if you buy $1 ad-pack you have to do 50% repurchase; if you buy $3 ad-pack you have to make 40% repurchase but an exclusively unique offer allows you to take out all your money and you need not to repurchase by buying $40 ad-pack.  So as you spend more, the more you earn.

The bigger news is that the admin team and owner of Revolution revshare would earn the same way as members earn, that is by buying shares with the same rules as members follow. Also, the members would get website credits as well as banner credits.

The program is not an investment opportunity and the users must not expect to always have generated revenue because it depends upon how many sales the site gets and how many clicks occur. 

So if the program stops making money, you stop making money.

Who is Revolution Revshare For?

Anyone can make profit online living in any region; it however demands an enthusiasm for earning online as well as the money to buy shares which in current case are "ad packs".

What I Recommend

I have reviewed many revshare programs over the year and they just do not last.

If you are planning on joining make sure you spend only as much as you can afford to lose. I have lost a bunch of money in revshare programs.

Like I said, if you are truly interested in making money online, do yourself a favor and check out my #1 Recommended program.

Thanks for reading my Revolution Revshare Review!


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