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nine figure fresh review

Hey there and welcome to my Nine Figure Fresh Review!

Obviously you have heard about this product. Maybe you've been to their whacky Fresh Prince of Bel Air themed website at

Now you're wondering is Nine Figure Fresh a scam? or maybe you were just so confused and you need someone to break it down for you?

Well you came to the right place because that's exactly what I will be doing in my Nine Figure Fresh Review!

In my Nine Figure Fresh Review I will do my best to fully explain this product so that you can make an informed decision as to whether it is something for you or not.

So let's get started!

Nine Figure Fresh Reviewnine figure fresh


Name: Nine Figure Fresh

Owners: Dave Espino & James Renouf

Price: $19

What is Nine Figure Fresh?

Nine Figure Fresh is a "make money online" course that was recently launched at the end of May, 2016. It has received a bunch of buzz in the online community.

In this course you will be given strategies to make money on a new online platform that is supposed to be similar to YouTube called Amazon Video Direct. If you want to learn more about it, you can check it out here.

According to the owners of Nine Figure Fresh, this platform is supposed to be "the next big thing" to make money online because of the low competition and access to 200 million Amazon buyers.

What "Nine Figure Fresh" Means

nine figure fresh scamSo it's not implying that you're going to make 9 figures (billion dollars).

Which is a good thing because any program that does make outrageous claims like that is a scam.

It means that you will be able to implement their "fresh new strategies" to Amazon's customers (9 figures worth).

How Much Does Nine Figure Fresh Cost?

As stated on, they could "easily charge hundreds of dollars for this", but they are actually only selling it for $19 discounted from the "original price" of $47.

Who Is Nine Figure Fresh For?

According to Dave and James, the strategies that are offered in the Nine Figure Fresh course are for anyone that is into affiliate marketing, ecom, Bizz opp, Offline, SEO, social media, video, webinars, or product creation.

Soooo… pretty much anybody with a pulse.

What the Course Involves

After reading over the sales page maybe 4 or 5 times trying to actually sifting through all of the hype, they don't actually tell you what the "formula" or course actually teaches you.

They keep going over all of the things that this product will do for you:

nine figure fresh legit

What Exactly is "This"?

After I did some further research and asked some people that have actually bought the product (I don't buy something unless I know what I'm getting).

What the course teaches you is how to create videos on Amazon Video Direct and get them seen by Amazon customers.

I'm not sure why they didn't mention it on their sales page, seems a little fishy, but maybe they just forgot..

Is Nine Figure Fresh a Scam?

Honestly, I can't answer that question because Amazon Video Direct is so new and everybody using it has so little experience that it's too early to tell.

I for one have lost way too much money in the past by investing in the "next big thing" and like to stick to the practices that are proven to work over and over.

If you are interested in a program that many others and I have used to become financially successful online, check out my #1 recommended program. This program will tell you exactly what you will be learning and even let you try it out for free without having to blindly spend $19 on an unexplained course.

That being said, I am very interested to hear from anyone that has tried Nine Figure Fresh and would greatly appreciate it if you left a comment about your experiences. 

Thanks for reading my Nine Figure Fresh Review!


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