MGlobally Review – Scam or Legit?


Welcome to my MGlobally Review!

So, obviously you have heard about MGlobally, maybe on a social media platform like Facebook? 

Aaaand now you find yourself wondering: Is MGlobally a scam or legit opportunity for me?

Well you came to the right place! In my MGlobally Review I will be going over all of the facts about this program so that together we can answer that question.

Before I realized how simple it was to start an online business, I tried out a bunch of different MLM programs and can provide you with some insight on my own personal experience.

Since there are so many MLM programs out there, I strongly recommend that you read through my whole MGlobally Review so that you can be sure it's the right program for you.

Without further adieu, let's get started!

MGlobally Review

Website: review

Name: MGlobally

Type: MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)

Price: Free to Join ($49 min. to participate)

What is MGlobally?

MGlobally is classified as a Multi-Level Marketing or "MLM" company. If you aren't quite sure what an MLM company is all about, I'll quickly explain for you.

A MLM company allows it's members to make money only by promoting and selling the actual MLM program as the product.

What that means is that the only way members can make money is by referring other people to sign up for the program and make commission when that person purchases a "web design package" that allows them to promote the program themselves.

If you are in need of a more in-depth explanation, click here to let Wikipedia explain.

Back to MGlobally

The company is based out of the UK and although they do mention their hardworking CEO, they do not divulge the actual name of this character.

According to Alexa, 65.5% of it's visitors come from the U.S, 21.2% from India, and only 2.5% come from the UK.

Always be a little skeptical when an MLM company isn't fully transparent about who owns the company. That being said, the website has been around since May 6th, 2015 and he/she may just be concerned about privacy issues.

Making Money with MGlobally

Like I said before, there is only one way to make money with this company and that's by promoting it.

Every MLM company has a different compensation plan that allows their members to receive a certain amount of money depending on the level they are on

Hence Multi-LEVEL Marketing.

mglobally scamWhen you sign up for MGlobally, you are now considered an affiliate.

Your job as an affiliate for MGlobally is to promote the company on social media daily to receive a daily ROI (Return on Investment) for up to 300 days.


When you promote the MGlobally program and someone decides to register for the company and become an affiliate as well, they will become your referral.

Everytime any of your referrals buys a "package", you will receive 5% commission from that purchase.

For example: let's say that your referral decides to buy the "SI. No. 7" (as seen in the chart above), you will receive 5% of $4999; which is $249.95.

How Much Does MGlobally Cost?

In order to sign up for MGlobally it is completely free. That being said, you are not able to earn commission from the MLM aspect of the program.

Although you can still spam social media daily to receive your daily 0.1 "Daily Reward Point Returns" (ROI).

If you want to participate in the MLM opportunity, you must invest anywhere between $49 and $4999.

Is MGlobally a Scam?

MGlobally has been up and running for a little while (a little over a year) now and  still kicking because you have probably seen their social media spam. 

That being said, there are a few things that concern me when it comes to this specific MLM program.

1. Their members are being paid out in "Daily Reward Points" over a period of 300 days. That means that your account on MGlobally will slowly accumulate these rewards points. Only after 300 days you will be able to convert them and be paid out in real currency. (The reward points are like I.O.U's, not cash)

2. They don't mention the name of their CEO…

3. Like most MLM programs, MGlobally's primary source of income is from new people constantly joining the program and buying web design packages. 

Yeah everything might be going fine and dandy right now, but they have set themselves up for a perfect getaway.

Once people stop joining the program and newly invested funds stop coming in, members of the program (affiliates) will not be able to convert their "reward points" into cash payments.

The program will then shutdown, no one can be held responsible and the members will lose their investments.

A Better Alternative

If you are very interested in MLM and want to try it out, by all means do it, but why not learn from someone who has already done it time and time again? (Me)

You don't have to join a MLM program that depends on constantly spamming and bothering people on social media to make good money online.

I strongly suggest checking out a program that provides their members with the proper tools, training and support from other successful people to build your own online business around something you enjoy or are interested in.

Check out my #1 recommended program to see how I learned to generate a passive income online (with the proof to back it up!)

Thanks for reading my MGlobally Review!

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, let me know below :)

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