Jaaxy 2016 Review – What to Use for SEO

Jaaxy 2016 Review What to Use for SEO

Jaaxy Review 2016

Overall Ranking: 9/10
Name: Jaaxy
Starting at $0 dollars for Trial Membership ($19/mo premium)
Kyle and Carson
Website: www.Jaaxy.com

Jaaxy Overview

Jaaxy is no doubt one of the best keyword research tools that I have personally experienced, and I have tried a bunch. It is so easy to use and it will take you no time to learn.


Type in the keyword or phrase into the Jaaxy search bar and it will show you:

  1. The amount of times that keyword/phrase is searched per month
  2. The amount of websites that are competing for that keyword/phrase
  3. The amount of traffic you would get if you ranked on the first page
  4. Visual Indicator of the keyword quality (red: bad, yellow: ok, green: good)
  5. An overall SEO value for keyword/phrase
  6. Additional brainstorming section for finding popular niche keywords

It is much, much more than a keyword research tool. It allows you to find keyword dense domain names and purchase them, as a premium member.

is jaaxy legit

 The Good & The Bad


Without a doubt this is the best keyword tool I have personally used for doing keyword research for my websites.

The best part that it is so easy to use. In no time you will start finding keywords to use for your website. They have combined the alphabet soup method into their keyword search so that you can find the most popular searched terms. As well as a keyword ranking option that allow you to see what your rank is on Google for the elected keyword/phrase.

I have provided a video that will show you how easy it is to set up an account and start your keyword research right away.


Now there must be a reason why I gave it at 9/10 and not a 10/10. There is a free version that I strongly suggest that you give a try. The only downside is that when you are using the free version, you are limited to 30 searches. This means that you have a combined total of 30 keyword searches, keyword rank searches or any website quarries.

Customer Support

I have not yet had any problems with Jaaxy, so I haven’t used their customer service yet. They do have some videos on how to use Jaaxy and contact information that you can reach them at. I sent an email to see how long it would take for them to respond and it was about 8 hours. I usually give services that I am reviewing 24 hours to respond and 8 hours is a more than fair response time.

Who is Jaaxy for?

Jaaxy is the perfect keyword research tool for anyone building an online business. The beginner can benefit from this tool because it is so easy to use. The more advanced user can benefit from it by using all of the additional options Jaaxy provides.

Jaaxy Price

As I said earlier, there is a free version that they offer and I strongly suggest that you give it a try. They have a Beginner membership for $19/month which lifts the 30 search limitation from your account. They have an Enterprise membership for $49/month for the more advanced user, which allows you to search through multiple tabs and instantly receive data.

Is Jaaxy legit?

is usertesting legit

Like I have said before, Jaaxy is definitely the best keyword tool to use for keyword research. It will save you a ton of time and help you get to the first page of Google quick. I suggest you give it a try here.

If you are serious about creating a website that will generate sustainable income. Check out my #1 recommendation.

If you have any questions, personal experience, or comments; leave them below!




  • Jimmy

    Reply Reply December 28, 2015

    Hey man thanks for the heads up on Jaaxy. I have not decided going on premium with Jaaxy but after reading your review, I am going to go premium. You article is very informative and engaging too. Your site rocks too! Wish you lost of online success.

    Thanks again man!

    • Evan

      Reply Reply December 28, 2015

      I appreciate the feedback Jimmy! I am just trying to spread the awareness with as much honesty and accuracy as possible. Jaaxy is a tried and true tool that will help bring you to the first page of Google.

  • Eliezer

    Reply Reply December 28, 2015

    Hey man, I do agree with your points. Jaaxy is a very good keyword research tool and the only downside is the 30 words per trail. If I had the money I’d be using it right now, but it sure is on my bucket list! I wish you the best and hope to continue seeing posts as good as these! -Eli

    • Evan

      Reply Reply December 28, 2015

      Thanks Eli!

  • Jan K

    Reply Reply December 28, 2015

    When comes to SEO, “Content is the King”. However, if a content article without proper keywords, it becomes nothing. As such, a good keyword tool is important prior to any articles writing.

    Jaaxy fulfills this requirement as it provides an effective keywords seach. The best part of it is showing the users how competitive on the searched keywords. This is important as it helps the users to decide the right keywords used.

    • Evan

      Reply Reply December 28, 2015

      I couldn’t agree with you more Jan. Content is king and in order to produce the best content, you will need the proper keywords.

  • Barry

    Reply Reply December 28, 2015

    You’ve done a great job reviewing the companies. I found myself reading all the way through to get more info for my own use. Unfortunately, I was on my tablet and some of the site didn’t load. I will go to my PCWORLD tomorrow and look again. I really do want to get more out of this site. It was well written and very informative. Thank you for doing it.

    • Evan

      Reply Reply December 28, 2015

      Thank you Barry! I am glad you enjoyed it and I hope it can help. If you have no idea what to use for SEO, Jaaxy is a great tool to use.

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