Wealthy Affiliate Review – My Personal Experience

Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com (WA)wealthy affiliate review

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Price: $0 for Starter Membership / $49 for Premium

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Overall Ranking: 9.5/10


When I first realized I wanted to use the internet as a tool to make money online, I fell for so many of the get-rich-quick schemes that promised me outrageous amounts of money for doing very little work.

It wasn't until I found Wealthy Affiliate, that I realized how you can actually make a lot of money online. It just depends on how much effort you put into it.

There is no "secret formula" or automated software that is going to do it for you.

Whether you want to put in a couple hours here and there to cover the cost of some bills, pay rent, have some extra spending money or you are willing to invest some serious time to achieve a full-time income; it's all very possible.

That's the beauty of it. It all depends on how much effort you invest into it. 

In this review I will be going over how Wealthy Affiliate has actually helped me create an online business that is now generating passive income and unlike most programs, you will see my actual results.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Basically, Wealthy Affiliate is a instructional/coaching program that provides you with the information and step-by-step guidance needed to create a successful business online.

The training is conducted by Kyle (a co-owner of Wealthy Affiliate) who along with a whole community of like-minded and successful people will also answer questions and give you feedback along the way. 

Having the guidance from people who have their own successful online businesses is what seperates this program from the rest.

What You'll Be Doing

What Wealthy Affiliate does is provide you with effective techniques and step-by-step instructions on how to start earning and scale your own online business.

Unlike most online programs that I have tried where they get you to sell the same product, or your only source of income is from other people joining the program.

With those programs, the only one who ends up becoming rich are the people who own the business.

…So why not own the business?

When most people think about what it takes to create an online business, they often believe that it is way to complicated to even start.

Wealthy Affiliate breaks it down and holds your hand as it takes you through the 4 steps of building a successful online business.

wa processStep 1: Picking a Niche – The first step to this proven process is to chose a "niche" or something that you are interested in or passionate about. It is much easier to build a business on something that you love because you will be enjoying the work that you do.

Step 2: Building Your Website – The second step is building your website, which Wealthy Affiliate has made so easy, my mom that can't even use an iPad could do it.

Step 3: Getting Traffic – The third step is probably the most important, because without people visiting your website, or "traffic", you wont be able to make sales. This program teaches you so many ways that you can boost your traffic, which will lead to the best part..

Step 4: Monetizing – You would be surprised how many ways you can make money from your own website, from advertising to affiliate links, Wealthy Affiliate will give you the step-by-step instructions on how to do it in every way possible.

What I Like About Wealthy Affiliate

Along your journey to creating a successful online business you will inevitably make mistakes which will cause you to be frustrated and discouraged.

Wealthy Affiliate's program will give you the help you need to quickly fix your mistakes and streamline your online success.

Without the help I received from other people I wouldn't be nearly as successful as I am today.

Active and Supportive Community

Being a member of Wealthy Affiliate allows you to have the access to thousands of successful people who have made the same mistakes and are more than willing to help you through yours.

earn money from home

Kyle, one of the co-owners of Wealthy Affiliate has helped me more than a few times when I have been confused or felt stuck.

Without that guidance, problems that would have taken me hours to figure out were fixed within minutes.

Why not learn from and avoid the mistakes that others have made?

It really is amazing how supportive and responsive the community is. I am surprised if a question I have posted isn't answered in less than 10 minutes.

Unlimited Valuable Information

They have many different classrooms that typically have 10 lessons within them. On many important topics, such as:

  • How and Where to Start
  • Niche, Keyword and Market Research
  • Optimizing WordPress
  • Writing Content and Authoring
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

And many more.classroom

The way that they walk you through each course or classroom allows you to learn by watching videos of them doing it and following their exact actions.

If my university professors taught like this I wouldn't of had to spend so many hours going over the same material.

So Many Success Stories

The amount of people that have become successful using their training is actually amazing. I guess that's why they have over 500,000 active members.

I could go on and on talking about all of the different success stories, but I don't want to be like all of the other programs that just talk about the results and never have the proof to back it up.

wa success 1wa success 2wa success 3wa success 4It wasn't until I decided to try out the Free Membership and talk to some of the members in the Wealthy Affiliate community about their success and experiences that made me realize how great of an opportunity it was.

Free and Easy Website Set up

They make it so easy to build any kind of website for any niche that you desire. When you sign up for the Starter Membership it gives you 2 free websites!

You get to keep them even if you don't sign up for the premium membership. So if you are serious about starting your own online business, this is the best place to get it started.

Build a website

Just follow the 4 simple steps and you will have your own website setup and ready to build on right away.

Walking the Walk (RESULTS)

Welcome to those who have skimmed the rest of this post until they found this section. That is OK because that's what everyone wants, RESULTS. I am going to show you how fast I received results once I began the Wealthy Affiliate program.

So after I tried out the Free Membership I was determined to create my own success story. I decided to go all in and pay for the $47 Premium Membership so that I could have complete access to everything that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

You don't have to go Premium, but I knew that if I was going to build a successful online business, I needed unlimited access to people that have done it and the tools that they used to do it.

That being said, the Free Membership is better than most paid programs out there.

As you can see I joined Wealthy Affiliate on December 15, 2015.

what is the best way to make money online with affiliate marketing

I received my first sale on December 25, 2015; only 10 days later! On Christmas! It was definitely the best Christmas present I have ever received.

Wealthy Affiliate First Sale

Most people do not receive results for over a month, but like I said, it is all about how much time and effort you put into it and I worked my ass off!


WA payment proof

I couldn't be happier with my results after 7 months at Wealthy Affiliate . All I did was complete the training step-by-step and implement what I learned.  

I've gotten it down to 2 hours of hard work per day.

It's just all about consistency 

Wealthy Affiliate taught me how to get my website posts on the front page of Google and once my traffic spiked, so did my sales!


I have now made enough money to quit my full-time job and live off of the money I make online! :) Since my business is location independent, I figured "why not travel the world?".

And now I am living in Wellington, New Zealand!!!

There is a picture of me pointing to my new apartment in the city. I MADE IT! Haha, but this is just the beginning, can't wait to see where I will be in another year!

Who This Program Can Benefit

Wealthy Affiliate can help anyone looking to make an extra income or replace one for that matter. Here are others that can benefit from this program.

  • Work at home moms and dads 
  • People with jobs looking to make more money
  • Unemployed or looking for a job
  • Anyone looking to work from home
  • Those that hate their boss, or don't want a boss (that’s me!)
  • Anyone who has failed or is not making it with MLM
  • Busy people with not much time but need more money
  • Retirees
  • Those that can’t work at a physical job
  • People looking to sell their products online
  • Someone wanting to get off of public assistance
  • Those wanting to make a change in their life

As you can see guys, this program is really for anyone and everyone. I don’t care if you’re looking to make an additional income stream or if you’re looking to replace a job that you don’t even like, this program can help you make money from home or where ever it is that has an internet connection.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Right for You?

The greatest thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that it is a very useful program for anyone at any skill level.

The beginner can benefit from the step-by-step guidance of how/where to start.

The intermediate can use their services to tweak and polish their skills to become more successful.

The more advanced people can even learn and share ideas with the most successful members to become even more prosperous.

What I Recommend

Join the Free Membership, it's $0. If you don't like it, you can come back to my site and tell me how much you don't like it. Seriously, leave an angry comment below if you don't.

When you join I will get in touch with you within the hour. Just promise me you will take 2 minutes to set up your account, there is a simple walk through upon joining.

Thanks for reading my Wealthy Affiliate Review!






If you have any questions about the Wealthy Affiliate program, leave a comment below! :)



  • Viljoen

    Reply Reply December 28, 2015

    I have to agree with you completely about your Wealthy affiliate review. The owners are now working on something great for 2016. I do not know what it really is, but I know that it will be great as always.

    Wealthy affiliate can be a bit confusing in the beginning but there is a step by step blueprint that will help a lot.

  • Johnson

    Reply Reply December 28, 2015

    Thanks Evans. Going through your content on Wealthy Affiliate has just helped in giving more insight on how successful one can become with the online business.
    I’ll say i’m probably still trying to get along with giving my website much better content for review but so far so good, Wealthy Affiliate has helped in far much better ways that i can ever imagine and i look forward becoming a great success with my online businesses. All thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Evan

      Reply Reply December 28, 2015

      No problem Johnson, I am trying my best to spread as much awareness on the online opportunities out there! As a reader, do you think that my review is clear and concise?

  • Johnson

    Reply Reply December 28, 2015

    In a plain simple sentence, i want to say that your content on generating online wealth via Wealthy Affiliate is simple, easy and straight to the point for even a beginner.

    Wealthy Affiliate, to me is the best online marketing system i have ever come across and i can’t begin to imagine how helpful Wealthy Affiliate has been to me since i joined the community of great minded individuals who are goal oriented. I am most certain that anyone who is determined to achieve a successful online business will have no regrets joining the community here at Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks again

  • Aaron

    Reply Reply December 28, 2015

    To begin, this is a great website. As a current and fellow member of WA, I could say that it is no walk in the park. I created my site about 6 weeks ago and I can tell you that I have only made about 2 sales so far. So this is not for those looking to get rich quick. As for this page, the amount of rich content is excellent and I’m sure this site will be successful!

  • Market Merchant

    Reply Reply December 31, 2015

    I have seen many wealthy affiliate reviews, and when I sasy many, I MEAN hundreds. Literally hundreds. Review after review. It seems everybody to ever use this platform has done their review, and I have spent much time looking over each and every one of these. However I have not found one with the detail of yours. You have truly outdone yourself and created a one of a kind review on a topic that is widely reviewed.


    Thank you for this, like really, I appreciate it.

    Zach Campbell – Market Merchant (MM+)

    Online Job Market Secrets
    “Teaching YOU the Online Job Market”
    Stress Relied Secrets
    “Teaching YOU the Relief of Stress”

  • Richard U.

    Reply Reply January 16, 2016

    Wow this seems like a great opportunity! If you were new to Affiliate Marketing, but were interested in starting up, where would you go?

    I want to make sure that I have the proper skill set in order to do something like this. I really like that the owner is helping you out along the way, that gives me more reassurance that it is a legitimate program.

    Thanks again for sharing.

    • Evan

      Reply Reply January 21, 2016

      Thanks Richard. Don’t worry about not having the proper skill set, just by arriving at this site and being able to navigate yourself through the internet is enough. I know tons of people in the Wealthy Affiliate community that don’t have any computer skills at all (I’m talking about the elderly people who used typewriters back in the day lol).

      You should check out my Affiliate Marketing page. It gives you a greater idea of what you will be doing; it breaks it down and provides a more simple understanding.


      Let me know if you have anymore questions!

  • Yuko

    Reply Reply May 4, 2016

    Help me how to begin

    • Evan

      Reply Reply May 4, 2016

      Hey Yuko! 

      You can get started by clicking on this link –> Get Started Now

      Once you have filled out your email and personal information, you will have access to the Wealthy Affiliate website.

      When you’re in there I will contact you from the inside and help you out with any other questions you have :)

  • brighton

    Reply Reply May 10, 2016

    Hie, may you please assist with the website I would like to try it.


    • Evan

      Reply Reply May 10, 2016

      Ofcourse! I will help you along the way and answer any questions you might have.

  • godsmark

    Reply Reply May 31, 2016

    good day people of wealth affiliate.I want to know if weath affiliate is for all the countries of the world or there are some restricted countries

    • Evan

      Reply Reply May 31, 2016

      Hey Godsmark!

      Due to there being so much fraud and spammers, certain countries are restricted from trying the Free Membership.

      Here’s a list of the restricted countries:

      1. Bangladesh
      2. Egypt
      3. India
      4. Nigeria
      5. Pakistan
      6. Philippines
      7. Vietnam

      That being said, if you are interested in trying out Wealthy Affiliate and live in one of these countries, you still join the Premium Membership for only $18 for the first month.

  • Seyram

    Reply Reply June 19, 2016

    Ready to start

    • Evan

      Reply Reply June 19, 2016

      Great! Click here to sign up and I’ll see you on the inside.

  • Daniel Duvi

    Reply Reply June 20, 2016

    I can't register at Wealthy Affiliate. The System keeps telling me I have already registered. I have tried at cafes and other offices but still not going through. Please help me out

    • Evan

      Reply Reply June 20, 2016

      Hey Dani I sent you an email!


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