Is Earnest Affiliate Legit? 2016 Review

earnest affiliate review

Overall Ranking: 8/10
Name: Earnest Affiliate
 $197.00 Lifetime Membership
Johnny FD


Earnest Affiliate Overview

It is an affiliate program that was developed by a man named Johnny FD. He is what you would call a “digital nomad”. Which is pretty much a cool name for someone who works online from anywhere in the world.

is earnest affiliate legit

The Good and the Bad


The program provides many informational videos and modules that aim to teach people how to profit from affiliate marketing. It contains 8 modules that will guide you on your journey of creating a profitable website or blog.

One of the aspects that I really like about the program is that Johnny tells you from the start that it is not a get-rich-quick scheme and it will take some serious time and effort in order to obtain the amount of success you desire. He even says that if you were expecting a quick way to make ridiculous amounts of cash, he will happily refund your money back.

He aims to focus on “white hat” promotions and writing. White hat is just another word for moral or ethical. He provides some great examples of what you should do and how to go about doing it.

Johnny is very active in the program and gives people as much advice as he can. He responds to questions and helpful when you come across any problems along the way.

It is a onetime deal so you will not have to pay a monthly fee.

is earnest affiliate good


The reason why I gave it an 8/10 not a 10/10. The community is brand new, I mean brand new. It was started in May 2015. That means that the community isn’t huge, like some programs, so you wont have access to as many successful people. That being said, people are constantly joining and the community is growing fast. It also means that there will be a lot new people that you can relate to on the start of your journey to online success.

Although there is a onetime fee, there are other fees associated with the program. You will have to buy your own domain and host, whereas some other programs provide you with free domains and hosting. He does provide links that will give you discounts on certain domain and hosting services.

Customer Support

It is nice because Johnny is the one who answers most of your questions. He is a very considerate guy and is more than willing to help with any questions or problems you have.

Who is Earnest Affiliate for?

In the current state of the program, it would be best for someone who is a beginner when it comes to internet marketing. As time goes on I am more than sure that the program will blossom into a great resource for people of all levels of internet marketing expertise. If you do have a more advanced question, I know Johnny has enough years of experience to help you out.

What is the Earnest Affiliate Price?

As I have said earlier, it is a onetime payment of $197.00. That may seem like a lot but, there is more than enough information and resources available for you to make much more than that.


earnest affiliate review

When weighing the pros and cons of the program, it is obvious that it is a great program to use. If you are interested in checking out the program for yourself, click here.

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  • Tyler Redlev

    Reply Reply January 6, 2016

    This seems pretty legit.

    Only affiliate marketing teaching platforms i know is Wealthy Affiliate for now. And they make a really great job. But they are around for a very very long time.

    Johnny FD seems like a normal guy. Not like the jerks around the internet promising you hundreds of tousands of dollars just by sitting on the couch. But as you said, they are brand new, so it may take some time before they get established.

    • Evan

      Reply Reply January 6, 2016

      Wealthy Affiliate is definitely my most recommended marketing program, but Earnest Affiliate is also a good place to check out! Like you said, it will take some time for them to get established and at the rate they are going, that could be soon!

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