How to Structure a Blog

how to structure your blog

Structuring an Effective Blog Post

How to Structure a Blog Post
In this blog post I will be sharing with you information on how to structure a blog post.  

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Otherwise read on and I will give you the beginners guide on how to structure a blog post in a way that will allow you to effortless pump out quality content again and again and again. . .


How to Structure a Blog – Headline


The first part of your blog is the headline. This is arguably the most important part of how to structure a blog as it will attract organic traffic to your blog and grow your consumer base if done correctly.

The headline is where you get to 'hook' the reader with an interesting idea or concept as

well as optimize your blog post using a keyword.

The balance is to create a hook or

headline that has relatively low competition in terms of search results, and is an enticing title that makes one want to read your article.

To determine the best headline for your article, open up a .doc or spreadsheet and do a little bit of what we call 'keyword research'.  Decide on what you are going to be writing the blog around and then start searching for relative keywords.

You can do this by going to google and testing a headline keyword phrase such as "how to do a backflip". You are testing how many sites are ranking for that keyword phrase, and if you can use it as a title or headline of your blog.  Make sure you are actually putting quotations around the keyword so that you are getting a direct phrase match.

When you search for your keyword phrase in Google you will notice that there will be a number under the search bar that tells you how many results are showing up. The number of results is referring to the number of websites that are ranking for that phrase.

You want to aim for results ranging from the 20 000 to 40 000 range with 30 000 being the sweet spot.

This is an ideal range because it means that enough people are actually interested and searching for the keyword, but there aren't too many websites to compete with.

How to structure a blog

Once you play around and find your balance of compelling headline that has around 30 000 competitor websites ranking, you want to

start writing your blog.

To optimize your blog and eventually rank for the chosen keyword, make sure that you get your headline keyword in header 1, header 2, header 3, and also in your actually article bolded, underlined, and in italics.


How to Structure a Blog – Introduction



The introduction is where you tell your reader what you will be talking about and what they can expect to learn or get from your post. Above your introduction you may want to include an enticing picture that is relative to your article, or even a picture of yourself.

Some call this section 'promised rewards'. Using the example from before, say we decided to use the keyword headline "how to do a blackflip". You would begin with 3-5 key ideas around how to do a backflip. For example : today I am going to share with you the 3-5 keys to learning how to do a backflip and by the end of this article you will understand how to do a backflips and what steps you can take to do your first backflip.


How to Structure a Blog – Body

This is where you do the bulk of your writing and you expand on each of your points that you outlined in your introduction.

Make it concise and offer 2-3 supporting points per key idea. Keep in mind the most people sift through content, skimming for anything that they jumps out at them.

Use blank space, concise points and large fonts to catch the reader attention and offer value. When it comes to consuming content remember that there is a vast amount of content out there and the reader is always looking spend his or her time optimally by extracting anything they can out of the content in as quick a manner as possible.


 How to Structure a Blog – Conclusion

how to structure a blog

In your conclusion, you summarize all of your key ideas and introduction into a brief paragraph. Include a CTA, and your signature.

A CTA is a call to action where you outline a step the reader can take now that they have read your blog post. This may be a link to read another related post, a link to a related affiliate offer, or just for them to leave a comment or contact you.

Additional Tips

I have provided you a very bare bones approach to writing a blog that is to be like a skeletal framework. This is by no means a set in stone procedure but it will provide you with a structure way to write every blog until you start developing your own unique style.

Some other tips to increase the value and make your website rank better will be to :

  • Include any relative keywords throughout your text
  • Create Links to other pages on you websites throughout your text
  • Sign off your blog with a signature and a little about yourself, as well as where or how you can be contacted
  • Include images and embed videos from YouTube
  • Aim to make your post at least 400-600 words, but generally the longer it is, the better your site will rank in Google
I hope this helps you with the structuring of your blog posts and the amount of posts you are able to produce. Enjoy the journey and make sure to leave a comment or get in touch with me if you have any comments, questions or concerns!
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