Earn Every 30 Minutes Review – Scam or Legit?

Earn Every 30 minutes review

Hello readers and welcome to my Earn Every 30 Minutes Review!

Let me guess, you have heard about EE30M and now you have decided to do your research to find out if Earn Every 30 Minutes is a scam or legit program.

Well you came to the right place because in my Earn Every 30 Minutes Review I will be answering that question and more.

I suggest you read through my entire Earn Every 30 Minutes Review so that you make an informed decision as to whether it is right for you.

Lets get into it!

Earn Every 30 Minutes Review

Websitehttps://www.earnevery30minutes.com/earn every 30 minutes

Name: Earn Every 30 Minutes

Type: Revenue Share Program

Price: Free to Join

What is Earn Every 30 Minutes?

EE30M is a revenue share program (revshare) that was launched in June of 2016. If you aren't familiar with the revenue share business model I will give you a brief explanation.

A revenue share program is a website that allows it's members to receive a share of the revenue that is generated from sales.

Pretty much every revenue share program claims that they are an "advertising company", but that is just to cover their ass. Yes, they do sell advertising services, but they are only purchased by members for the revenue sharing feature that comes with them.

How to Make Money with Earn Every 30 Minutes

There are two different ways that members are able to make money using this program.

Revenue Share

Obviously, the majority of their members take part in the revenue share component of this program. This is the primary source of income for EE30M.

Not Sure How It Works?

For those of you who aren't sure, what you do is purchase "AdCash" packs. The AdCash pack that you buy will determine the amount of shared revenue you will receive from sales.

Earn Every 30 Minutes has 4 different AdCash packs that you can chose from.

earn every 30 minutes scamQuick Example: let's just say that you purchased the $50 AdCash Pack. That would mean that you have the potential to earn $75 (150%) back from your initial investment.

*Important Note* – Remember that you can only receive your share of revenue if there are sales generated. So if there are no AdCash packs being sold, there is no revenue to share.

Getting People to Join

The other way that you can earn money with Earn Every 30 Minutes is by using their affiliate program. They may not have the greatest affiliate program, but it is definitely the best way to earn money on EE30M for free.

With this method you will be able to earn money by promoting the program and getting people to sign up.

Sound familiar at all? 

This is probably how you found out about the program. Maybe someone told you to join or was promoting Earn Every 30 Minutes on a social media website?

Well that's exactly what you would be doing for this method. You will be provided with your own personal link and when someone clicks on it and signs up, they will be considered your Direct Referral.earn every 30 minutes legit

Everytime someone that you have referred to join the program purchases something you will receive a commission.

Earn Every 30 Minutes has incorporated a 7 level referral commission system where you can earn commission from the people that your referrals have recruited.

All 7 levels of referrals adds up to a total of 10% commission from your referrals.


What Makes Earn Every 30 Minutes Different from Other RevShare Programs?

Many of the new revshare programs like to put their own special twist on the basic revshare model in hopes that people will continue to stay within the program.

The EE30M Reward System

Earn Every 30 Minutes has created a reward system that allows members to collect points and redeem them for rewards.

is earn every 30 minutes a scamThe rewards include anything from cash to smartphones to paid vacation flights.

The only downside is that you will have to collect tens of thousands of points before you can get a reward.

is EE30M a scam

Something You Should Know About RevShares

I used to participate in revshares all the time in the past until I discovered Wealthy Affiliate

It wasn't until I started doing reviews on a consistent basis that I truly realized that they don't last long.

If you are going to participate in Earn Every 30 Minutes, I strongly suggest that you don't invest more than you can afford to lose.

Here is a list of a few revshares that I reviewed earlier this year that looked like they had what it took to go the distance: Double Dare Revenue, My Zoom Ads, Phoenix RevshareRevshare Forever

They all shutdown a couple months after they were launched.

Even Revshare Forever was supposedly built to last "forever", but it shutdown within months of being launched.

Why Don't Most Revshare Last?

Simply because the only source of income is from people consistently purchasing advertising packages (AdCash packs). Once the sales stop, there is no money to payout the members and the website shuts down.

Who knows, maybe the reward system is enough to keep people buying AdCash packs. 

Earn Every 30 Minutes Review – Conclusion

recommended for someTo answer the question: Earn Every 30 Minutes a Scam?

No it's not a scam. So far Earn Every 30 Minutes is legit, so if you are someone with some disposable income and can afford to invest in something risky, you can join Earn Every 30 Minutes here.

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Thanks for reading my Earn Every 30 Minutes Review!

I would love to hear any feedback about your experiences with EE30M or answer any questions you might have! 


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