Clixblue Review – Legit PTC Site or Scam?

clixblue review

Clixblue Review

Website scam

Name: Clixblue

Price: Free to Join

Type: PTC

In your search for a great program to earn money online, you will come across many similar programs like Clixblue called PTC programs.

Because there are so many similar programs out there, I strongly suggest you read through my whole Clixblue Review so that you can fully understand this program.

In my Clixblue Review I will be going over all of the benefits, and limitations about this program so that you can make a properly informed decision.

What is Clixblue?

Clixblue is categorized as a PTC website. If you aren't entirely sure what a PTC website is, it is a website that allows it's members to get "Paid to Click" on advertisements and complete other simple tasks.

This site is also a place where advertisers can increase traffic to their affiliate products, online businesses, etc. by posting their ads on the Clixblue website and hopefully generate sales.

How to Make Money on Clixblue

There are two different methods of earning money on Clixblue. This first one involves very minimal effort by completing simple online tasks and the second method takes more skill, but can potentially produce more income.

Completing Tasks

Clixblue offers a variety of tasks that you can do to earn money. 


In this section of Clixblue, members are able to click on advertisements to earn money. For each advertisement that you click on, you can earn up to $0.02 per advertisement that you view

And yes, that is a fraction of a penny and when it comes to PTC websites, $0.02 per advertisement is actually one of the best rates you will find.

I wouldn't recommend using this method to earn money because you will be clicking on advertisements for a couple hours and end up making only a few bucks.

The way I see it, you are better off looking through your couch for some loose change.


clixblue legitThis feature is like the PTC section except that you can earn $5 from viewing an ad. How it works is that you will click anywhere on the blue grid and you will have to view an advertisement for 5 seconds. If you click on the right square, you will earn $5.

The only problem with this one is that it could take you a long time before you actually click on the right square to earn $5 and unlike the PTC section you wont earn money for viewing each advertisement.

If you do the math, in order to make $5 in the PTC section, you would have to click on 250 advertisements..

So maybe this method is a better option lol


is clixblue legitIn the PTSU or "Paid to Sign Up" section, you are able to earn money by signing up for other programs and websites.

Most of the programs that you register for are other PTC websites. These offers payout a couple cents or more each time you sign up for a website; which is much better than the PTC section.

The only problem about this method is that when you sign up for all of these different sites, you will constantly receive emails from these programs.

So, if you don't want to be flooded with emails, you will have to spend extra time opting out of their email list.

It will take a little more effort than the PTC section, but it sure beats clicking on hundreds of ads.

Adwork Media Wall

In this section of Clixblue you are able to earn "bluecoins" or credits which you can convert into actual money once you earn enough.

is clixblue a scamMost of the tasks that are offered include surveys that you can complete or visiting other websites. When you earn 2000 bluecoins you can convert it into $1 USD.

The highest amount of coins that I could find for completing a task was 8 bluecoins, but most of the tasks were only worth 1 bitcoin.

Clixblue Virool Video Wall

what is clixblueClixblue offers it's members a way to make money by watching various videos using their "Virool Video Wall".

In this section, you are able to earn "Bluecents".

Bluecents are just like Bluecoins because you can exchange 2000 Bluecents for $1 USD.

I checked out the video on the left and it wasn't necessarily a "short" video. It was a little over 4 minutes long.

Making a $1 or 2000 Bluecents may take awhile.

Getting Direct Referrals

I saved the best for last. Clixblue might not have the best affiliate program, but it is definitely the best way to earn money on this program.

Applying a technique called Affiliate Marketing, but instead of generating commission from the sale of products that you review and recommend, you will gain commission from the people that you refer to join the Clixblue program.

How It Works

When you signup for an account on Clixblue:

  • You will be provided with a affiliate or referral link
  • Then you are able to promote the Clixblue program on social media platforms, other websites, etc.
  • When an individual clicks on your affiliate link, they will be sent to the Clixblue website.
  • If they decide to sign up and become a member as well, they will then become your direct referral

Everytime that one of your direct referrals clicks on an advertisement or completes a task, you will receive commission from their actions.

This is the best method of earning because you don't have to be the one completing tasks or clicking on advertisements for fractions of a penny, instead people will be doing it for you and you will earn everytime that they do.

What I Recommend

Yes, you can earn some money by using the Clixblue program, but it wont be much and you will spend way too much time doing it. That's why if you are interested in joining Clixblue, I suggest that you learn how to acquire direct referrals so that you can maximize your potential income on the website. If, after reading my Clixblue Review and you have decided to try the program, check it out here.

But, if you are looking to actually make some good money online and are willing to invest more time and effort to create a passive income stream that will last you a lifetime; I strongly suggest that you read over my #1 Recommendation about a program that has taught me and others how to do it.

Thanks for reading my Clixblue Review!

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