Clix Sense Review – Scam or Worth Your Time?

clix sense review

Hey guys! Welcome to my Clix Sense Review!

So I have been hearing a lot about Clix Sense and some people have even been asking me if Clix Sense is a scam. 

Due to popular demand I have decided to create an honest Clix Sense Review so that people can get a full understanding of the program.

In my Clix Sense Review I will be breaking down what you can do as a member to make money so that you can decide whether it is worth your time.

OK, let's get started!

Clix Sense Review

Website sense

Name: Clix Sense

Type: GPT

Price: Free to Join

What is Clix Sense?

Clix Sense is classified as a GPT website. For those who don't already know, GPT stands for "Get Paid To". Meaning, members are able to get paid to complete various online objectives.

This GPT website has been up and running since 2007 and has almost 6.5 million members. Most GPT websites do not last nearly as long as Clix Sense has so that is a good sign.

The main goal of my Clix Sense Review is to determine whether the payout for completing different objectives is worth the time that it takes to complete them.

How Much Does Clix Sense Cost?

In order to sign up and begin completing tasks for money, it is completely free. The sign-up process takes no longer than 2 minutes.clix sense scam

All you need is an active email in order to sign-up.

Methods of Earning on Clix Sense

There are a bunch of different ways that members can earn some money on Clix Sense. What I will be doing is trying each one out so that we can figure which ones are worthwhile.

Completing Tasks

This section of Clix Sense is provided by CrowdFlower. A crowdsourcing service that provides various small tasks that you can complete for cash.

In order to use CrowdFlower and complete tasks, you must have a Facebook account that you can sign up with.

is clix sense a scamThe highest paying task i could find paid $0.42. All of the other tasks that were available paid less than 10 cents. 

Unfortunately, the task was in a foreign language so I was unable to try it out. I didn't bother trying out any of the others because the payout is too low.

Completing Offers

This section of Clix Sense is quite similar to the Tasks section except that you get paid in "ClixCents".

Offers include anything from watching videos to actually going and physically buying a Subway Gift Card.

clix sense legit

1 ClixCent is equal to $0.01 (one penny).

After searching for awhile, the best offer that I found paid out 187 ClixCents ($1.87) for signing up on another website using valid information about yourself.

is clix sense legit

$1.87 is not bad at all for just creating an account on another website. 

One of the downsides about this method is you will get a ton of emails from all of the websites that you have signed up for and end up spending additional time deleting them.

Also, you cannot complete the same offer more than once. So once you have completed all of the "Sign Up" offers, you will be left with the offers that take 5-30 minutes for 25 cents or less.

Taking Online Surveys

When it comes to most GPT websites, usually the highest paying method of earning is taking online surveys.

That being said, you don't want to end up spending 20+ minutes on a survey to make a little over a buck. Atleast I don't.

is clix sense scamThe highest payout for completing a survey on Clix Sense is $1.25. Not the greatest payout, especially if you are spending more than 15 minutes to complete a survey.

Although, I did find one that had a 1 minute completion time; so I decided to try it out.

It turns out I didn't qualify for the survey.clix sense research

Even though it is disappointing, I only had to answer one question to find out that I didn't qualify.

This is great compared to other paid online survey websites that usually take 15 minutes to eventually tell you that you don't qualify.

I found another survey that paid $1.25 for a 7 minute survey. After answering 3 questions this time I found out I didn't qualify again.clix sense reviews

OK, Let's Try One More Time!

I'm usually not one for taking more than 10 minute surveys to make $1.25, but I will for the sake of this Clix Sense Review.

…I Didn't Qualify Again

Well I've already wasted 10 minutes trying to actually take a survey so lets move on to something that is more guaranteed.

Viewing Ads

This section of Clix Sense allows you to earn money by viewing advertisements.

clix sense complaintsYou will have no problem finding advertisements that you can view for money, there is always an abundance of them.

The problem with this method is that you get paid only a fraction of a penny per advertisement that you view.

Is Clix Sense a Scam?

No I cannot say that Clix Sense is a scam because you can get paid for the tasks that you complete.

What I can say is that Clix Sense is not worth your time if you want to make a lot of money online. That being said, if you just want to make a few bucks while you're watching TV, click here to join Clix Sense.

Trust me. When I first started looking for ways to make money online I would try all sorts of GPT websites.

Yeah you might be able to earn $1.25 for completing a survey, but that's only after spending a bunch of your time looking for one that you qualify for.

Don't even think about viewng advertisements for money because you will spend all day doing it only to make a little over a buck!

What I Recommend

If you are serious about making money online, you gotta stop thinking short-term. Yeah you might be able to make a couple bucks from a GPT website, but it will never be enough to sustain your life.

I suggest you take a look at my #1 recommended program that taught me step-by-step how to create a growing passive income stream online without having to view ads, and complete surveys or tasks.

Thanks for reading my Clix Sense Review!

If you have any experiences with Clix Sense I would be happy to hear about them below! :)


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