BrainBux Review – Scam? Read This Before Trying..

brainbux review

While searching for a legit program to earn money online, you will run into a bunch of similar programs called PTC websites.

Since there are so many of these similar programs available, I suggest you thoroughly read through my BrainBux Review before deciding if it is the right one for you.

In my BrainBux Review I will be going over the facts about this program so that you can make an informed decision.

BrainBux Review

Website: bux review

Name: BrainBux

Type: PTC

Price: Free to Join

What is BrainBux?

BrainBux is classified as a PTC or "Paid to Click" website. That means that it's members are able to earn money by completing short tasks that involve clicking.

The tasks involve clicking on advertisements that have been posted on the website.

Also, BrainBux provides their members with the ability to buy various advertisement credits and advertise other offers.

How Much Does It Cost?

Although you are able to earn money in the PTC section as a free member, you can also chose to upgrade your account which will maximize your earning potential.

On BuxBrain, there are 3 different membership upgrades:

BrainBux scam

Each one has different benefits, but the main benefit is the amount of money you can make per click in the PTC section. The more expensive the membership, the more money you can make per click.

Premium Membership Cost = €14.99

  • €0.20 per click

Elite Membership Cost = €21.99

  • €0.30 per click

Ultimate Membership Cost = €34.99

  • €0.50 per click

Making €0.50 per advertisement click is the best payout I have ever come across when it comes to PTC websites. Most PTC websites offer as much as $0.02 per click..

This made me a little suspicious so I decided to do more research.

Methods of Earning on BrainBux

There are two different methods of earning money on BrainBux.


In this section of the website, members are able to earn money by clicking on advertisements. The amount of money that you can make varies with the different types of advertisements.

Each advertisement has a certain amount of time you are required to view it for. The longer the view time, the more money you can potentially make.brain bux scam

You will see a loading bar that looks like this.

Once it loads completely, you will have to complete a captcha code that looks like this.

is brainbux a scamWhen you have gone through the process, you should see €0.1 in your account balance.

Getting Direct Referrals

BrainBux has incorporated an affiliate/referral program so that members can boost their earnings by making commission from people that they refer to register for the program.

Although BrainBux may not have the greatest affiliate program, it is definitely the best way to maximize your income using this program.

For those of you who are new to PTCs, and aren't sure how getting direct referrals works, ill explain..

When you register and sign up for an account on BrainBux:

  • You will be given your own personal affiliate/referral link
  • Then you are able to promote the BrainBux program on social media platforms, other websites, etc. and provide your affiliate link for people to click on.
  • When an person clicks on your affiliate link, they will be sent to the BrainBux website.
  • If they make the decision to register and become a member as well, they will then become your direct referral

Everytime your direct referral clicks on an ad or buys something you will earn 10% commission.

So, is BrainBux a Scam?

Well I will tell you a little about my experience with BrainBux.

Personally, I think PTC websites are a waste of time. You aren't going to make a lot of money by clicking on advertisements everyday.

Sure, it's easy..but the payout is absolutely horrible. I used to take part in PTC websites when I was first looking for a way to make money online, before I found Wealthy Affiliate.

When I found out about BrainBux, I figured I would give it a try because the payout looked great and I wanted to find out if it was legit.

It turns out that yes, it is a scam. They say that there is no minimum payout, but when I tried to withdraw my money that I made from clicking on ads, it said that I had to do a minimum of 100 clicks.

So I did 100 clicks, and tried to withdraw the money that I made and it said that I must first have a minimum of 10 referrals.

And then once I actually had 10 referrals….you guessed it; I still couldn't get paid.

What Others Said About BrainBux

I checked out some forum posts on Reddit and EmoneySpace and people had the exact same experience.

brainbux legitbrain bux legit

What I Recommend

Honestly, you're never going to find a PTC website that's going to make you a ton of money. That being said, there are other programs and ways to make money online.

I strongly suggest you check out my #1 Recommendation about a program that has helped me and many others create a successful online business.

Thanks for reading my BrainBux Review!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns; leave them below.


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  • swarnali choudhury

    Reply Reply June 8, 2016

    Brainbux is scam. First they say instant pay, no minimum. Then when one goes to withdraw, they say minimum 100 clicks are necessary. After one completes 100 clicks and goes for withdraw, they say minimum 10 active referrals are required for withdrawal. It is a scam, scam, scam, scam and scam. Don't waste your time.

  • SKLilhare

    Reply Reply July 5, 2016

    This site is scam site and totaly waste of time and money. They Don't pay to member. So Don't join in this site. I have fullfilled all the criteria but they are still not paying and i had logged complain but after 1 weak there is no response.

  • michal

    Reply Reply July 7, 2016

    Attention itis  scam site+admin

    This site is a cheat
    The owner thief

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