Auto Cash App Review – Scam? Check This Out!

auto cash app review

Hello everyone and welcome to my Auto Cash App Review!

Let me guess, you have heard about the Auto Cash App and want to make $100/day on autopilot?

Now you're wondering if the Auto Cash App is a scam or a legit opportunity to make money online.

Well you came to the right place! 

In my Auto Cash App Review I will be digging up all of the facts about the Auto Cash App so you can be sure before purchasing.

Let's get into it!

Auto Cash App Reviewauto cash app


Name: Auto Cash App

Type: Self-Hosted Money-Making Software

Creators: Billy Darr, Justin Opay, Andrew Nasser

What is the Auto Cash App?

The Auto Cash App is a digital product that was just recently launched in June and there has been a lot of buzz about it online recently.

If you haven't heard already, with this app you are promised to make auto cash app scam$100/day without needing ANY technical skills and will only take a few minutes a day.

It's an automated system that is supposed to streamline the Affiliate Marketing process without doing any of the work that is involved.

Obviously that sounds like a great deal for anybody, so I decided to buy the product and try it out so you guys don't have to!

How Much Does It Cost?

On the Auto Cash App website (which is just a landing page), it tells you that the regular price is $197, but you can buy it for the discounted price; $5.95, as long as you do it QUICK BEFORE THE TIMER RUNS OUT!

auto cash app legitThis is the oldest trick in the book to give potential customers a sense of urgency to buy the product NOW BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!

Also, notice how the timer at the top my screen was already at 00:00, but the one below said I still have 7 minutes.. c'mon guys, really? There's even another one further down the page.

*Sigh* Even Though Everything Was Telling Me To Run, I Decided To Take One For the Team

"Because without sacrifice there is no victory!"

…If that makes sense.

What You Receive When You Buy the Auto Cash App

Okay so I made the $5.95 purchase and now it's time to look at what you get.

The System

When you buy the Auto Cash App, you will get a PDF and a 4 part video series of the steps to take to start making $100/day with their "system".

auto cash app reviewsHere's what the system consists of:

Step 1: Find a product that has just launched or is about to.

Step 2: Get someone to review the product on Fiverr.

Step 3: Upload the video onto YouTube with your affiliate link in the description.

LOL I just broke down the whole PDF/Video Training Series into literally 30 seconds worth of reading.

All of this information could have been found online and IT WILL NOT MAKE YOU $100/DAY.

Trust me, I've been Affiliate Marketing for quite some time now and if it was that easy, everybody would be doing it.

Is Auto Cash App a Scam?

Yes, do not waste your time or money with this product. Your $5 bill would be better used to start a campfire with. I don't even want to get started about the all upsells that you are hit with after your purchase too.

I am really getting tired of reviewing so many products and programs that promise you an Affiliate Marketing shortcut to make money online.

Here's the thing.

You can make $100 (and much more) passive income a day through Affiliate Marketing. The amount of money that you can make is potentially endless. That's why it is classifed as PERFORMANCE-based marketing.


There is no automated system or "Auto Cash App" that will make it happen for you. You need to do the proper training and put in the work necessary to get yourself there.

But, that doesn't mean you can't get help from other people who are already successful affiliate marketers.

If you want to know how I did it, check out my #1 Recommended program. It has the best training available and a community of people who can help you get there.

You can always ask me for help too!

Thanks for reading my Auto Cash App Review.

Any questions, comments or concerns? Leave them below! :)


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