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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a performance-based marketing process of making a commission by promoting products or services from other companies. Lol, that sounded a lot more complicated than I intended. Let this picture below speak a thousand words, more simple than mine.


It's a win-win….-win

  • The company wins because they have made a sale by reaching a customer they didn't have.
  • The customer wins, because of you they have discovered a product that will potentially help satisfy their needs
  • You win because you have made a commission off of that sale.

It Just Gets Better!

A great part about Affiliate Marketing (besides the money obviously) is that you wont have to provide the time and money to create a product to sell. Once you have a website, you can start selling other products right away.

The best part about Affiliate Marketing is that you can choose a niche product that you are passionate about and interested in.

Practically any product online has an affiliate program that is associated with it. Seriously, next time you are online shopping try typing the name of that site followed by affiliate program and chances are they will have one.

I am affiliate marketing here on Generate Online Wealth; educating and informing people about the best tools and ways to generate a sustainable income online. I chose this niche because teaching people how to achieve financial freedom whilst doing the things that they love is something that I am very passionate about.

2 Most Important Rules for Affiliate Marketing

  1. As an affiliate only recommend products that you are very familiar with. (optimally products that you have personally experienced)
  2. Never tell people to go buy a product. Recommend products based on your experience and allow them to make an informed decision.Be honest with the products that you are recommending. Focus on trying to help people and the money will follow because people are always looking for help.

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If you have any questions regarding affiliate marketing, comment below! :)