Adfaze Review – Scam or Legit?

adfaze review

Adfaze Reviewadfaze scam


Name: Adfaze

Price: Free to Join

Type: PTC

When you're searching for a great program to earn money online, you will come across many websites like Adfaze called PTC programs.

Since there are so many programs out there, I suggest that you thoroughly read through my whole Adfaze Review so that you can really understand what the program is all about.

In my Adfaze Review I will be going over all of the facts, benefits and limitations of the program so that you can make an adequately informed decision about whether this program is right for you.

What is Adfaze?

Adfaze is classified as a PTC website. If you're not familiar with the term "PTC", it stands for "Paid to Click" in which the members of the program are able to get paid by completing various tasks that involve clicking on something.

Many of the tasks that are offered on the website involve being paid to click on advertisements. Hence the name "ADfaze". It is also a place for advertisers to post their advertisements to their affiliate products, businesses, sales pages, etc. to increase their traffic.

How to Make Money with Adfaze

On Adfaze there are 2 different ways that you can earn money.

The first way is by completing various tasks which usually includes clicking on advertisements and the second way is by gaining commission from the direct refferals that you acquire.


As I said earlier, Adfaze offers a way for it's members to earn money by simply completing online tasks like clicking on advertisements.

adfaze legitAdvertisers often put their ads on this website in order to increase traffic to their websites.

Members are then able to go to the "View Ads" section so that they can click on the advertisements for money.

Depending on the advertisement, you are able to make up to $0.02 per click.

Believe it or not, the payout for this site is actually better than most PTC websites that I have seen.

And no I am not kidding, you will actually receive fractions of a cent. I wouldn't recommend using this method of earning because you will end up clicking on hundreds of ads to make a couple bucks.

You might as well take a look between your couch cushions for some change, you might not find much, but it will take a lot less time.

Sometimes you will see other offers that you can complete that will pay a little more. They usually involve going to other websites like Adfaze and clicking on a certain amount of ads.

Getting Direct Referrals

Acquiring Direct Referrals for the Adfaze program is greatest method of earning money on Adfaze. 

Adfaze may not have the best affiliate program out there, but it is definitely the best way to boost your earnings in the program.

Applying a technique called Affiliate Marketing, but instead of generating commission from the sale of products that you review and recommend, you will gain commission from the people that you refer to join the Adfaze program.

How It Works

When you signup for an account on Adfaze:

  • You will be given an affiliate or referral link
  • Then you are able to promote the Adfaze program on social media platforms, other websites, etc.
  • When an individual clicks on your affiliate link, they will be sent to the Adfaze website.
  • If they decide to register and become a member as well, they will then become your direct referral

Everytime that one of your direct referrals clicks on an advertisement or completes a task, you will receive commission from their actions.

The reason why this is the best way of earning money on Adfaze is because instead of having to click on advertisements all day long, you can refer other people to join the program and make money from them clicking on advertisements.

Generating commission from people that click on PTC ads may not seem like too much money, but if you are able to learn how to constantly get direct referrals and they are consistently clicking on PTC ads, it can really add up to become a decent passive income stream.

Should I Advertise on Adfaze?

is adfaze a scam
Advertising on Adfaze does have some benefits like their affordable rates, but that is because honestly, it is not a great place to advertise.

Yes, advertising on Adfaze will increase traffic to your websites, or sales pages or affiliate promotions or whatever, but it wont be the kind of traffic that converts into sales.

A large part of that is due to the "demographic filter". Which means that your advertisements are limited to only being viewed by people who are members on Adfaze.

People on Adfaze aren't going to be clicking on your advertisement because they are interested in what you have to offer, they are clicking on your advertisement because they are being paid to.

Trust me, I used to do the PTC thing back in the day, clicking on ads for hours to earn a couple bucks.

After about the tenth ad, I didn't even acknowledge what I was clicking on.

Is Adfaze a Scam? *May 2016 UPDATE*

It turns out that Adfaze has stopped paying their members and is keeping all of the money for themselves. I do not recommend joining Adfaze.


What I Recommend

If you are looking to actually make some good money online and are willing to invest more time and effort to establish a passive income stream that will last you a lifetime; I strongly suggest that you read over my #1 Recommendation about a program that has really helped me and others do it.

Thanks for reading my Adfaze Review!

Any questions or comments? Please leave them below.


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  • Khairil Hamdy

    Reply Reply May 17, 2016

    Hi, Evan.

    I have joined Adfaze for quite sometimes and then found that Adfaze is a scam site. Adfaze has stopped paying for quite a while. 

    Please put a SCAM stamp on your review.


    Khairil Hamdy


    • Evan

      Reply Reply May 17, 2016

      I certainly will Khairil! Thank you for the feedback and I appreciate you help.

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